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We are Matt & Hannah Pithers, husband & wife team of personal trainers extraordinaire. There are thousands of "fitness gurus" on the interwebs. How are we any different? Ok, yes. We are fitness professionals...BUT what sets us apart from the crowd is that we make fitness FUN. Our goal is to help as many people as possible to begin and ENJOY their health journey.

We know what its like to start from scratch!

We know it's hard and can be overwhelming. But we know what it takes to get you from where you ARE to where you WANT TO BE!  Whether you're just starting out, or you're starting over because of injury, surgery, mini-human-producing:

You got this...and we got you.

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The world is changing...and as trainers and coaches we are expanding our offerings to keep up. More and more people are preferring to workout from the comfort of their own home, without the cost of a gym membership. We offer 1:1 in-person training (after COVID-19 kicks rocks) and customizable online programs as well! Stay tuned for downloadable programs, coming this summer!

In-Person Training

1:1 or couples sessions available for those in the Kansas City, MO area. Hannah specializes in helping those with special physical needs to recover and build strength. Matt loves to help new and experienced weight lifters build muscle and crush their goals.

Virtual Training

Fully customizable online training programs using our mobile app. You can take your workouts with you anywhere and keep in touch with us about your goals, progress and questions. Need more 1-on-1 instruction? We can meet with you virtually for more coaching and to help you in any way you need.

Downloadable Programs

Coming in the summer of 2020! You'll be able to choose from serveral different programs that include detailed plans, picture and video instructions and more. Download your instruction guide and you're good to go! Need more help? We'll be there to answer any questions you have.

Online Courses & Membership

We're working hard to create lots of great options for you! Become a FormFit member and enjoy exclusive trainings and deals! Benefit from a community of people just like you who are working hard to make great changes. 

Our Pricing

We applaud that you want to invest in your health and we're CONFIDENT that you'll see an awesome return on that investment. We feel honored that you're considering spending your time and money with us. We know that both are SO valuable to you... and promise that you won't regret it!

Virtual Training

In-Person Training

Don't take our word for it:

After abdominal surgery, I didn't know how to get back into a good fitness routine without hurting myself. Hannah is such an inspiration and teaches by skill AND example. I'm even getting my mom set up with a program with them. They are fun and real and the anti-insta models. I highly recommend working with team FormFit!

Sara Berry

Mom/Ostomate/Crohn's Disease

My husband and I have worked out with Matt for over 8 years and he has made us stronger inside and out. Matt has helped us work out injuries by personalizing every session we have with him to make the most out of our time together. He has designed couples workouts, work-arounds for pulled muscles and torn tendons and even ran two work out parties for us and some friends that were enjoyed by all. Matt is the perfect combination of the most strict coach you can imagine and the most inspiring cheerleader you have ever had.

Laura Intfen

Deciding to train with Hannah has been the best investment in myself that I have ever made. She creates an environment where you want to push yourself harder because you know she has your back (literally). I used to be intimidated of lifting weights because I had no idea what I was doing. Now I get excited to lift heavy weights. I’m feeling stronger than ever both physically and mentally and that’s all thanks to my time spent training with Hannah!

Taylor Abbate

FormFit is nothing short of amazing. AMAZING. I’ve been training with Hannah, who is incredible. I have a background in ballet and modern dance, yet Hannah challenges me hardcore. In fact, I cannot recall working out this hard ever in my life. I love my sessions with Hannah even though they are super challenging because I KNOW that my body is transforming. If working out was easy, everyone would be doing it...If you desire an incredible change in your body and strength, CHOOSE FormFit. Yes it’s hard work - nothing spectacular and worthwhile comes easy, but sign up and work with THE BEST.

Tashina Schimming

I've been working out with Matt for 4 years now and have been very impressed with his professionalism, kindness, and encouragement. He is a no-nonsense-type of trainer and wants people to strive to reach their personal goals. He has helped me immensely through proper nutrition as well, and kept me leaner and stronger. I had worked out with other trainers for over 20 years prior to working with Matt, and I have to say that Matt tops them all. He's fun to work with and is dedicated to his industry totally, as he and his wife, Hannah, are all-in when it comes to fitness. They definitely walk the talk and care deeply about their clients. I cannot recommend Matt and Hannah more highly!

Vicki Hauser

It is easy to find a trainer that is passionate about fitness. FormFit is rare in that they care as much about fitness as they do the people they help. I am still working with Hannah, who brings energy to every workout and is genuinely excited to see your progress - however that may look. They are both very professional and will hold you and themselves accountable for every step of the process until the desired results are met. Great trainers. Great people. 👍👍

Thomas Redmond

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