Meet Our Trainers!

Hannah Pithers

Tel: 660-238-3575
My name is Hannah Pithers, and I am co-owner and personal trainer for Form personal training. I have almost 7 years experience in the fitness industry.

Three things I love:

1] Lifting Heavy things, and setting them back down.
2] Showing people they can do something they didn’t know was possible.
3] Watching people transform their bodies and their lives!

I love people, and I love my job! So, whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, feel confident in a bikini or destroy some PRs, I’m the girl to help you get there!

I offer both one on one personal, and small group training!

Matt Pithers

Tel: 618-795-0418
Hello! My name is Matt Pithers, and I am a personal trainer and co-owner of Form Personal Training, based out of Kansas City. I have over eight years of experience creating individualized fitness programs for a variety of clientele.

I offer both one-on-one personal, and small group training.

I believe in listening to my clients unique goals and guiding them through simple, effective approaches to reaching those goals. My job is to provide the knowledge and accountability required for safe and effective workouts, whether you have been working out for years or brand new to the gym!