Client Brag Book

  • For my birthday I had Matt train me and five of my girlfriends. All my friends have different fitness levels, yet Matt made it fun and meaningful. He is so creative and we all loved it.
    Sarah B
  • I reached an all time high of 196 pounds after having two children one right after the other. I was laying on the couch day after day feeling sluggish and insecure. It sounds cliche but I knew it was time for change. I started working out on my own and within a month or two was down to 188. I was proud but knew I could do better. I plateaued and was feeling discouraged. I found Hannah on the KC gym website and from reading her bio knew she was the trainer for me. She is personable, reliable, and most of all positive and inspirational. We've been putting in tons of work and it's paying off not just physically but mentally. I'm down 19 pounds and find our sessions immensely therapeutic. The progress has been fulfilling, but I know with Hannah as my trainer we are going to go so much further. Her positivity has truly paid off for me and I look forward to or weekly progress.
    Chelsea Sage
  • Matt is a great personal trainer. He always knew how to push me to new levels without the same, "too much too fast" feel you can get with other trainers. He taught me I was stronger and capable of more than I thought. He also balanced this out with telling me when I needed to back off or slow down for my own good. I've learned a lot from him and would recommend him to anyone.
    Holly H
  • Matt is the BEST! His sytle of training is easy going, but he gets me motivated to get it done. We came a long ways in the time he trained me. I highly recommend Matt as your tainer for taking it to the next level whatever level that is.
    Sharon T
  • At the beginning of 2016 I decided it was time for a lifestyle change, so I got myself a gym membership and hit the elliptical machine - that’s what I knew. A friend of mine mentioned I should try a trainer, and he put me in touch with Hannah - and boy, am I thankful! Because of Hannah, the gym equipment and machines I once found intimidating and considered to be “not for me” are a part of my regular routine (and I enjoy it!). She provided a manageable meal plan/schedule that coincides with my workouts, provided plenty of guidance when I had food and diet questions, and catered workout routines to my needs/wants. Starting a life change like this can be overwhelming, especially with the gobs of information you’re overloaded with when you start to look for answers on the web - Hannah learned what I desired to achieve and gave me the tips and tools I needed to get there. A great deal of my physical (and mental!) success over the last year can be attributed to Hannah and her thoughtful guidance.
    Sara Dugan
  • When I first moved to Kansas City, MO, I wanted to find a convenient gym and a knowledgeable trainer to push me further in obtaining my goals. I was very fortunate to meet Hannah who mentioned her husband, Matt, may have openings for personal-training sessions. I have been meeting Matt for over five weeks now and have had an extremely positive experience during every session with him. Matt clearly demonstrates knowledge in his profession while maintaining a fun and upbeat attitude. He is flexible with his time and approach and I always feel I can ask questions and bounce around various ideas. Matt takes the time to challenge your routine and find new ways to bring you closer to your goals. I truly believe both Hannah and Matt are committed to providing positive experiences to their clients and are willing to put in as much effort as their trainee. I am grateful to have found a reliable, knowledgeable, responsive, friendly, and passionate fitness trainer like Matt. I'd highly recommend his services to anyone ready to met their fitness goals.
    Anthony C
  • I don't always work out, but when I do, I work out with a Champion. That Champ is none other than Matt Pithers. Do yourself a favor and get in the gym with this dude and see results.
    Dustin K
  • I had goals of increasing strength, improving my balance, and having fun doing it. I achieved all three. I was able to workout with Matt for about 1.5 years before I moved. I found I was stronger, had significantly more energy, and actually looked forward to our workouts. The two things that stand out about Matt for me are his skill in keeping the workouts fresh and his skill in assessing the amount of weight you should use. There were so many different workouts, I don't think we did the same routine of exercises once. He plans individualized workouts for what you want or need to work on. I think Matt is a good person. I am sorry I can't still work with him.
    Roseanne J
  • I trained with Matt for about 3 years and would still be training with him had he not moved. Matt did a good job of keeping my workouts varied and challenging. When I was consistent with my weight training and cardio plus ate clean & with discipline, I was very successful with weight loss. When my diet was poor, I did not see weight loss, but was able to maintain my weight. My goals were weight loss, bone health, strength, balance and flexibility. I think the area where I made the least amount of progress was flexibility. Matt has a great sense of humor and is an all-around good guy.
    Karen T
  • Matt is a fantastic trainer! I have trained with him for several years and he always knows just how far to push me to meet my goals. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Matt is who you want training YOU!
    Benny K
  • I've been training with Matt for more than a year and 1/2. I am thrilled with my results and have learned so much about the proper form of weight training. I am so much stronger and have totally increased my muscle tone. 60 is the new 40 when you train with Matt. He seems to know exactly what my body can do. I wasn't able to do much of anything when I started but now am STRONG... You will have fun and enjoy your work outs again!
    Cynthia B
  • I had worked with a lot of different personal trainers over many years. Matt definitely was the best trainer I've ever had.He's very knowledgeable and he knows exactly what to do to help you achieve your goals.
    Joe J